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Father, Where Are You?

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Stefan's journey from a lost young man, who never experienced the love and closeness of a true father, to being himself a wonderful father to his children and a role model to many, is a story of the surpassing greatness of the grace of God. While reading his story, hope and faith were growing in my heart and I could see the power of love, the love of God, to transform us from deep within. Stefan's search for a true, caring father led him to find God, to know Him and to love Him, not only as the Almighty who can do much more than we can ever imagine, but also as a source of the unmotivated love that only God can give us.
I was touched by every page, every story, every memory, and often I could not stop my tears. When I finished reading the last page, with a resounding "yes!", faith and joy welled up in me. It is certainly a book that will boost the level of faith of any reader. If God can change Stefan's life so remarkably, He can change anyone's. I have no hesitation to recommend Stefan's book to everyone.

Stefan's book is written from the heart with great compassion, love and honesty. It made me cry, say ouch, ahh and wow! A true lesson in drawing on God's love to turn negative situations in life to inspire a possitive future for all who read his story.

This book is not a book which says 'come to God and everything is fine.' No he is shockingly honest without any excuse about his struggles and battles against his own ego in his life. Stefan brings across in his personal and special way how hard it can be to trust and let go.
Down To Earth Publishing

I am so happy that Stefan did not give up on the way to change by God's grace. Because of this he can encourage and help today those who had a bad start in life just like him. By reading this book I hope that many will find as Stefan did a true picture of God and start to change for the better.
Christel Dürr (Youth Social worker)

I couldn't put the book down! It is so exiting and touching. I cried more than once. The story of Stefan was for me the beginning of a new life. After searching for many years in the New Age movement, I found in this book the answer I had been waiting for for so long. This book will make you laugh and cry. It will show you in a totally new light the God who changed Stefan.
Jochen Mayer, Germany

Dear Stefan thank you for writing this book. My boyfriend gave this book to a collegue of his. He was a man very involved in the occult and could not stop to reading it. He finished it at 3 am in the morning.
After this he started new with God as a Father. I could tell you of so many stories like this of young people we gave your book to and how they opened up to God after reading it. It is so encouraging.
Yasmin, Germany

What we like the most about your book Stefan is that it is so honest. You made yourself vulnerable sharing your life with us. I have never before read a book like that. What I mean is, so many books only speak about the highs and victories in life but you wrote about your mistakes and
failures too in life. And how a loving God changed it. This is so uplifting for me and gives me hope because God helped you. Thank you that you wrote this book.
Lydia Gohlke

I can highly recommend this book to everyone, this is a book which has not been written behind the desk. Life itself wrote this book. A radical life that Stefan always lived – without Christ and then with Christ.
Uwe Dahlke Pastor, CZ Karlsruhe, Germany

I am a muslim and someone gave me your book as a gift to read because I am in prison. It has touched me so much what Jesus has done in your life. Please could you get in contact with me and help me.
(anon young man)

I gave your book to a colleague at work. When he came back to work after the weekend I realised immediately there was a change. He told me that your life story in the book was so similar to his. He was crying and crying while reading it. He prayed the prayer at the end of the book and started over with God.

Thank you so much for the book it brought me closer to the heart of the Father in heaven.

Thank you for the honesty concerning the mistakes you made in life. It gave me hope. I have read your book this times !

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Father, Where Are You?

This unforgettable tale of one man’s journey from being an orphan to being a son is sure to inspire, amuse, move, and enlighten you. If you are asking, ‘father, where are you?’ this is the book for you.

Dr. Mark Stibbe, bestselling author, script doctor, and CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions

I have known Stefan for a decade now. In reading this book, I can see how only God could have healed the boy and raised this kind of man. This is a “But God” book, meaning only God can show up and bring this type of life change.

Dr. Sharon Stone, President and Founder of Christian International Europe





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